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Pre-Appointment & Executive Hire Screening

Efficient. Transparent. Comprehensive.

Since 1987, Colley Intelligence has specialized in vetting individuals involved in high-stakes transactions, critical appointments, and key hires. From our work on behalf of private equity firms, M&A practice groups of preeminent law firms, and global healthcare and financial entities, Colley has helped clients of all sizes thoroughly and transparently evaluate candidates for roles in a variety of verticals and geographies. From publicly traded companies to closely held, highly successful businesses, organizations of every size trust Colley to identify risks, ensure compliance, and provide context.
Going beyond the “tick the box” approach, our experienced background investigators and professional screeners dig deep into candidates’ backgrounds, uncovering prior controversies, undisclosed relationships, and contextualized insights into reputation, culture fit, and character, taking the surprise out of pre-hire backgrounds. Taking into account residential history, jurisdictional reporting requirements, risk, and role, we tailor our approach to include a variety of insights helping employers and investors get ahead of any surprises and hire with confidence.

Beyond our work for funders, employers, and cause-based organizations, Colley is frequently called upon by attorneys, lobbying firms, and corporate boards to conduct deep-dive investigative due diligence on potential donors, opponents, and third parties to help advisors understand and investigate the backgrounds of the people seeking to engage with their clients and corporations.  Frequently, this research includes uncovering and understanding prior disputes, untangling complex networks, and bringing clarity to the source of funds in business and personal relationships. From healthcare and cannabis to critical infrastructure and fintech, Colley offers customized solutions for clients of all sizes in the United States and around the globe.

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