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Digital, Cyber & Forensics Services

Conflict-free technical analysis and advisory

Long gone are the days when sharing or commenting on a post would translate to pivotal evidence at trial or decide the fate of an executive who shared an inappropriate post. In today’s world of online sleuthing, data is currency, and the wide usage of decentralized apps and niche platforms are just a few of the ways opponents and bad actors are trying to obfuscate their identity and derail tracking their location.

But new platforms and techniques aren’t the only thing threatening decision makers and corporations. People of influence, high-profile executives, and the wealthy are increasingly being target online by opponents who are creating AI-generated audio and video to alter the perception or inflict harm upon the victims. These so-called “deep fakes” are the next big frontier in executive reputation management and an increasing challenge for corporate boards, executives, and big brands.

 Colley’s Open-Source-Intelligence (OSINT) desk can search for, identify, and preserve this and other valuable evidence and content online and across blockchains. Our specialized understanding of how this data is stored and indexed allows us to seamlessly navigate these complex networks and forensically identify fraudulent content, helping businesses and executives preserve, defend, and rebuild their reputation. In addition, we offer a number of other online and data services including:
  • Open-Source-Intelligence & Investigations
  • E-Discovery
  • Cryptocurrency & Digital Asset Investigations
  • Social Media & Online Profiles
  • Reputation Management
  • Darkweb/Deepweb Research
  • Big Data Analysis

Few things are more valuable than your reputation and security. By teaming with Colley, you're in control when it matters most.