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Private Client Solutions

Protecting you with offensive and defensive risk response

In times of uncertainty and risk, powerful and influential people need discretion, responsiveness, and assurance from their closest advisors and trusted experts. Colley’s Private Client Solutions practice provides both offensive and defensive risk responses to issues unique to people like you and your family. 

Ranging from multi-faceted business disputes and cyber or digital vulnerabilities, to physical safety and security, our team of investigators, former special agents, and prosecutors help successful — and often targeted — individuals, and their families, navigate a broad array of personal and business challenges. For more than 30 years, Colley has teamed with family offices, professional sports team owners, global foundations, political and public figures, and corporate leaders to craft quick, discreet, impactful solutions to complex issues that create risk to their reputation, prosperity, and security. 

As with any threat, the best response is to be prepared. That is why our most distinguished clients are increasingly turning their attention to our proactive planning and vetting solutions. From inner-circle profiling of trusted financial, management, and legal advisors, to cyber and digital exploitation reviews and global security assessments, our Private Client Solutions help those with the most exposure, identify vulnerabilities, narrow the threat landscape, and mitigate risk.

Examples of our Private Client work include:

  • Take Control of Your Online Reputation: Monitoring, managing, and controlling reputation is essential for highly influential and often targeted individuals. Before appointments, in response to a risk, or in the face of a crisis, Colley helps identify and mitigate perception challenges, material misrepresentation, and map risk to digital and physical security. 
  • Web Presence and Social Media Profiles: Colley’s dedicated Social Media and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) desk cultivates and synergizes information from all corners of cyberspace. Ranging from broad-brush, social media background profiles on individuals and businesses to deep-dive, fully custom analysis, our reports provide compliant and attributable insights, bringing weight and context to our clients' decisions. For situations that require enhanced insights, we offer deep web investigations and analysis, enabling access to an additional layer of valuable intelligence just waiting to be uncovered. 
  • Blockchain and Digital Asset Investigations: In less than two decades since it’s development, the growth of blockchain technology and the digital asset is reinventing the way businesses are run and jurisdictions govern. From decentralized healthcare, insurance, finance, legal, and more, these emerging technologies have unlocked capabilities and technologies that have streamlined business and strengthened security. However, as with any new technology, the potential for bad actors, misappropriation, and abuse has made blockchain’s biggest asset, a major liability. To enhance the depth of our investigative due diligence, identify hidden or undeclared assets in litigation, and protect our private clients, Colley Intelligence’s Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators can follow obscure funding trails, uncover hidden assets, and identify evidence, bringing transparency and confidence to every transaction and relationship. 
  • Executive Protection and Security Consulting: For businesses or individuals with unique considerations, Colley Intelligence offers a range of solutions for our clients to protect themselves and their businesses. Whether we are helping proactively identify risks and vulnerabilities in their home or office, our clients have access to a suite of fully customizable services to identify challenges and manage risks across the entire spectrum of digital and physical threats. Whether you are an advisor seeking to extend your capabilities to assist a high-profile individual, foundation, or caused-based organization, or a security professional seeking a deeper bench or planning for a high-profile event, Colley Intelligence stays ahead of the risks, so you don’t have to.

Few things are more valuable than your reputation and security. By teaming with Colley, you're in control when it matters most.