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Private Client Solutions

Protecting you with offensive and defensive risk response

Colley’s Private Client Solutions was developed to help family offices, hedge fund principals, and high-profile individuals address the myriad of digital, cyber, and physical security challenges successful and wealthy people face every day. With more than 30 years of specialized experience working with family offices, hedge funds, successful executives, and A-list celebrities, Colley’s experience extends across the entire spectrum of issues that successful business owners and people of influence confront at home and abroad. From providing global 24/7 executive protection for a successful public company executive to conducting online threat hunting and incident response on behalf of a Grammy-winning artist receiving harassing and threatening communications, Colley’s team of ex-special agents and intelligence professionals take a bespoke and integrated approach to effectively and professionally managing critical threats to our clients and their families.

Clients include:
  • Private wealth and family office clients
  • Hedge fund executives
  • Foreign dignitaries and delegations
  • Political campaigns and parties
  • Law firms
  • A-list celebrities & Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals


Few things are more valuable than your reputation and security. By teaming with Colley, you're in control when it matters most.