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ESG Due Diligence & Compliance

Helping Investors Address Social, Environmental & Governance Risk

With newly enacted regulations in Europe and a host of legislative actions taken throughout the US, corporate boards and companies are under the microscope of how they treat their people, land, and  the environment. For those that fall short or fail to take notice there is no shortage of challenges and risks. Regulators, investors, and the media are eagerly waiting to scurtinize those that fail to adopt strict human rights and environmental controls. With Colley, you can stay ahead of ESG-related risk, so you can do well and do good.

For more than 30 years, we've been on the forefront of environmental and social investigations; covering environmental impact, human rights, land ownership, resource management, and ethical financing. By identifying “red flags,” human trafficking, unclear attribution, and other problem areas in the supply and management chain, our clients avoid embarrassing mistakes and costly litigation. 

Examples of our work in this arena include:

  • Activist Campaign Management: Shareholder activism is on the rise, and with it comes exposure to your bottom line, and risk to your credibility and reputation. With decades as trusted advisors to some of the world’s most powerful brands, Colley Intelligence understands how to discreetly and effectively get to the bottom of what drives investment activism, and how to minimize its impact on value. Colley Intelligence puts you in control with the information and strategies to protect your business and preserve your reputation.
  • Corporate Board and Proxy Contests: Corporate board and proxy contests can be ruinous for a corporation — whether they succeed or not. The key to defusing these takeovers before they start? Actionable information and tailored strategies. Colley Intelligence provides your board of directors and management with intel on shareholder sentiment, activist investor activity, and stakeholder background, and our accurate information is just the beginning. Backed by actionable insights, we help our clients identify and develop mitigation strategies and control the narrative — helping you avoid the worst-case scenarios that keep you awake at night.
  • Corporate Board Audits and Reviews: With the increased media and public scrutiny, vetting and culture missteps can spell disaster for any business. Our audits bring the facts to the surface and separate truth from the gossip. Colley’s team of experts undertake holistic reviews of boards, committees, and management teams to deliver detailed reports complete with sensible solutions that make it easier to appoint and vet properly, the first time. With decades of repeat clients, Colley has a reputation for ethical conduct and discretion up front and always.

Equipped with information, we develop strategies for dealing with environmental and social responsibility-related issues before they arise so you’re in control — in the boardroom and online.

At Colley, we dedicate efforts to being inclusive and sustainable.