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Due Diligence & Business Intelligence

Clarity, Context & Insight

For clients seeking insights into character, reputation, and stablility, Colley's time-tested methodolgies go far beyond the basic "tick the box" research, and include deep diving and analysis to contextualize information in a way that is more valuable than any record a database can provide. We unravel complex webs of funding, bring to light past contraversies, uncover hidden allegiances, and flag fake credentials  — even if great lengths have been taken to hide it.

Specializing in pre-M&A and business intelligence, we’ve worked with the Fortune 100, global investment entities, sovereign funders, and well-respected private equity firms to proactively identify a host of regulatory, reputational, financial risks in a range of verticals. From foreign-owned steel operations to domestic cannabis production, our clients are sophisticated and diverse, making our consultative approach perfect for almost even the most complex investors.

We are regularly utilized for our firm's familiarity with transactions, but we are frequently retained to conduct investigations around:

  • Pre-Appointment & Executive Hire
  • Board & Officer Misconduct
  • International Research
  • Third-Party Risk
  • Sanctions & Regulatory Compliance
  • ESG & Social Responsibility
  • Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) & Financial Misconduct
  • Corruption, Anti-Bribery, Integrity & Transparency
  • KYC Compliance
  • Activist Campaigns & Corporate Contests
  • Dark Money & Political Funding Operations
  • Open-Source Intelligence & Social Media

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