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Due Diligence

The information you need to seize opportunity with peace of mind

For clients seeking insights into the character and reputation of acquisition targets, stakeholders, collaborators, competitors, and candidates, Colley's experience goes far beyond what any skilled researcher or database can uncover. We unravel complex funding structures and bring to light past controversies, hidden allegiances, and reputation issues — even if great lengths have been taken to hide it from you. 

Specializing in M&A, and strategic and business intelligence, we’ve worked with the Fortune 100, global investment entities, sovereigns, venture and angel investors, and outside advisors to proactively identify political, social, regulatory, reputation, and financial risks. 

We specialize in:

  • Corporate Board, C-Suite Backgrounds and Appointments: The people that fill the top roles of your business or organization define your culture and drive your success. Too many candidates are hired solely on their referrals, relationships, or tenure. In bypassing a comprehensive background prior to onboarding, organizations put their culture and reputation on the line, and risk outsized legal and financial exposure. At Colley Intelligence, we leverage our expertise and global reach to protect your interests and reputation. We build comprehensive background profiles that go beyond traditional checks and provide insight into character and integrity that is vital to the decision-making process.  To protect you and your brand, we conduct our investigations in an ethically defensible manner, adhering to all local and federal employment, privacy, and credit laws. Don't rely on your gut, allow us to eliminate the guesswork in the pre-relationship process.
  • Third-Party Relationships and Compliance Audits: Colley Intelligence is deeply experienced working with companies to proactively identify and investigate allegations and issues involving their supply chains and management structures. From PPE in Southeast Asia to the raw minerals sector in Africa, Colley has the know-how to help companies ensure compliance and integrity in their business processes by tracing vendors and supply chains, identifying third-party networks, and conducting third-party risk audits. Leveraging our understanding of the sectors in which our clients work and the locations where they operate, Colley conducts customized assessments based on industry, geography, size, and externalities to identify real and emerging threats to their prosperity and reputation. 
  • Corruption, Integrity, and Transparency Investigations: At Colley Intelligence, we understand the value of truth and the importance of trust. Our corruption and integrity assessment work is often initiated as a result of an anonymous tip, whistleblower, or report by a partner or collaborator. We investigate claims and get to the heart of the issue, unclogging the rumor mill, identifying red herrings, and providing the facts — in context — to our clients. Equipped with our actionable findings and concrete recommendations, our clients, and their boards and investors, can focus on their business, not rumors or allegations.
  • Internal Investigations and Officer Misconduct: Even the most conscientious and culture-focused organizations encounter serious issues or risks associated with the reputation of the business or their executives, operational decisions, and financial stability. Irrespective of the source of the allegation, misconduct, or dispute, organizations need responsive, experienced,  and pragmatic investigators to get to the facts, assess the impact, and navigate the fallout. That’s why clients as diverse as dynamic family offices with global interests, to multi-national organizations with complex needs and operations turn to Colley. With a team of seasoned investigators, former prosecutors, and journalists, we help organizations conduct comprehensive and effective internal investigations by responding promptly anywhere in the world to discreetly collect the facts, uncover key witnesses or allegations, and develop a coordinated response. From the first anonymous tip or whistleblower allegation, through negotiating or litigating a successful resolution, our firm helps organizations through the cycle of investigation and response.

Can you afford to risk it?