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Impact & Social Responsibility

It's not enough to talk about social responsibility, one must live it.

Making a Difference, One Case At a Time.

Environmental stewardship, human rights, and supply-chain integrity has always been a cornerstone of our “give back first” approach. To assist clients in need and apply our “particular set of skills” we take on need-based Pro Bono and “Low Bono” assignments on behalf of some of the most impactful caused-entities that contribute to a more just world and cleaner planet.

Our most recent experience included several matters and projects on behalf of organizations like Innocence Project, The Georgetown University Law Center, The National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), as well as several other high-profile cause-based organizations.

Further, in partnership with our existing law firm clients, we frequently lend our expertise to enhance their work on behalf of organizations that serve unbanked and under-financed communities, communities of color, and individuals who have been wrongfully terminated, accused, and convicted.  

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