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International Investigations

Protecting your interests and privacy, whereever the facts or data, may lead.

For sophisticated organizations and individuals, risk and opportunity are never static. Increasingly active critics and media, demanding investors, and a rapidly evolving cyber and regulatory landscape pose unique challenges to executives, boards, and high-profile people every day, around the world.

 Whether evaluating a strategic transaction, or navigating a contentious dispute or crisis, Colley offers a portfolio of fully integrated cross-border investigative and due diligence services backed by a highly experienced team to collect facts, confront challenges, and protect your reputation. Across time zones, languages, and industries, Colley’s team of expert analysts and investigators investigate, analyze, and brief in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Farsi, and Mandarin, bringing local knowledge and actionable insights to clients seeking opportunity and assurance, near and far.

Due Diligence & Business Intelligence Offerings:

  • Investigative & Operational Diligence
  • Locating, Background & Vetting Pre-Appointment/ Executive Pre-Hire Candidates 
  • FCPA/UK Bribery Act Investigations
  • Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Fraud Investigations
  • Cryptocurrency & Digital Asset Investigations, Recovery, and Litigation Support
  • Complex Data Analysis
  • Strategic Intelligence

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