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Reputation & Perception Management

Defending and rebuilding your reputation, protecting your value

With emerging geopolitical risks, evolving regulatory and enforcement regimes, and growing threats online and at home, running a business and mitigating exposure is a game of cat and mouse. For 30+ years, we have made helping businesses and investors prepare, collect the facts, and command the conversation the cornerstone of our business. 

Colley has built a team of experienced intelligence, journalism, and public affairs professionals to help clients change the conversation during a crisis. We help clients prepare in every way possible before a crisis strikes by assessing potential scenarios, analyzing past responses, and developing effective action and messaging plans based on indisputable data. Through real-time media monitoring, in-depth intelligence collection and analysis, messaging strategy and development, and deep connections to top-tier media outlets, Colley also helps its clients through all aspects of the crisis management lifecycle.

Your goal is our goal — let us mitigate the risk of potential harm to your reputation and bottom line so you can keep operations running as smoothly as possible.

Will you control the crisis, or let a crisis control you?