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Data Privacy & Breach Litigation

Helping You Respond & Recover

Our experience in data privacy & security litigation is born out of our expertise in helping clients react and respond to systems issues and breaches. Often, we are also called upon to be the “advisors to the advisors” and help breach counsel and other stakeholders advise executives and companies on efficient pathways to resolution and carryout regulatory obligations to notify affected parties. In incidents involving ransomware, the question for most clients is always “to pay or not to pay?”, and pointedly, “will the attackers really release our data?”

While on the surface the answer may be squarely a question of dollars and cents, understanding what group has purported the attack, their history, and motivations is important. Colley has seasoned ransomware negotiators with the specialized skills to carry out successful negotiations, and the familiarity with the notorious groups who perpetrate these incidents. And with our deep ties to all of the federal law enforcement and intelligence entities, Colley often “quarterbacks” organized response capabilities with relevant stakeholders across the law enforcement and intelligence network. For incidents requiring a larger technical response, Colley’s partnership with industry-leading cybersecurity firm GroupSense, can add to our existing incident response and mitigation capabilities.

If it's out there, we'll find it.