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Disputes & Litigation

Actionable insights and contextual analysis can make all the difference

From international business disputes to white collar defense, Colley’s team of career investigators, former special agents and prosecutors understand the difference between information and evidence. Our familiarity and existing relationships in local jurisdictions around the world means we collect the facts efficiently and properly — wherever they lead.  

We know that no two cases are the same, especially in the rapid and disruptive digital age. That is why we tailor and scale our approach according to the requirements, jurisdiction, and circumstances of each situation. Our litigation support services include "boots on the ground" fact-finding, digital investigations, and computer and mobile forensics. We regularly carryout domestic and international asset research, on behalf of creditors and their counsel, frequently identifying aircraft, vessels, digital, and fiat holdings. Often in our investigations, we identify and interview new witnesses, reconstruct obscure paper trails, and collect deleted, unstructured, or unidentified digital evidence or assets.

Using integrity, independence, and admissibility as our true north, our investigations are always carried out in observance of local laws, customs, and best practices to ensure that, regardless of the location or task, our work is done with admissibility in mind. At Colley, we don’t just report our findings — our experts have experience testifying in a wide array of venues and in all levels of the judiciary.

Examples of our expertise include:

  • Expert Interviewing and Fact Finding: The Colley Intelligence team develops, locates, and interviews witnesses and obtains statements of affidavits, as required. Our findings highlight inconsistencies and identify omissions. 
  • White Collar Defense: Colley has worked with defense teams representing multinational corporations and executives at every stage of the legal process. From high-profile internal investigations, state AG, and congressional inquiries to grand jury indictments and trial, we act as an extension of your legal team collaborating with your legal advisors throughout the lifecycle of the case, resulting in a pragmatic fact-driven defense strategy.
  • Global Asset Location: The speed and complexity in which individuals, businesses, and governments transfer, conceal, and liquify assets has never been greater. With a team of seasoned global investigators, Colley takes a consultative approach in helping clients locate individuals and entities, and recover assets worldwide. Built on a foundation of understanding your priorities, our team outlines what assets are most likely to be recovered, identifies strategies to pursue enforcement, and keeps you abreast of developments along the way. From fine art to exotic cars, to cryptocurrency, we can do it all.
  • FCPA/UK Bribery Act Investigations: Governments and regulators around the world have a sharp eye for companies and their executives found to be in violation of anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations. With violators facing sky-high penalties including exorbitant fines, irreversible reputational damage, and imprisonment, the stakes of noncompliance have never been higher. Colley Intelligence partners with global clients to conduct anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and anti-money-laundering investigations before engagements or acquisitions, or when defending against allegations.
  • Reputation Management and Defense: Having worked on some of the highest-profile defamation, misinformation, and reputation management cases in recent memory, Colley’s multidisciplinary team brings the expertise, experience, and tools to analyze the issue, control the narrative, and correct the record. Whether a successful outcome hinges on using the evidence in a legal case or crafting a fact-driven counter response to allegations, Colley understands that when the reputation of an individual or business is challenged, a successful response hinges on countering the threat quickly and accurately. From comprehensive litigation support to customized consulting, we make it easier to protect your value and your reputation. 
  • Social Media Background Profiles: The analysts and investigators at our dedicated Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) practice are highly experienced at collecting, preserving, and packaging open source intelligence into admissible evidence. By hiring Colley, legal counsel and law firms extend their team to include highly trained investigators that use the latest collection techniques, technology, and preservation methods, ensuring that everything is found, preserved, and ready for presentation at any level of the judiciary.
  • Forensics and Digital Investigations: Our digital investigative experts locate, preserve, and analyze critical data from anywhere — computer and mobile devices, social media, press clips, blockchain, and deep web activity, including data that has been intentionally hidden or tampered. We provide legal teams with the information they need to advance their position or respond. Colley Intelligence is one of the few boutique corporate intelligence firms that has an in-house Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations practice led by a practicing attorney and former DOJ official, giving our clients the upper hand in even the toughest scenario. At Colley, we’re more than an evidence collector, we're a strategist, advisor, and sounding board on how to properly preserve and present evidence, garnering the respect of even the most discerning opposing counsel or prosecutor. 

If it's out there, we'll find it.