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Cryptocurrency Enforcement & Litigation

On blockchain and around the world, intelligence matters.

 The rapid adoption of digital assets cryptocurrencies and NFT’s has brought about significant changes in the global economy, introducing more efficient processes for transactions, and attribution, and posing significant challenges to regulators and industry actors struggling to keep pace with the maturation of the ecosystem and fully understand the financial and reputational risks associated with their use. To help clients understand these risks and provide insight through the lifecycle of a dispute or litigation, Colley established our Cryptocurrency Enforcement & Litigation practice.

Conducting forensic investigations, providing advisory services and expert testimony to law firms and their clients, our specialists including Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators (CCI's), Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE’s), and Certified Anti Money-Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), who have been involved in numerous investigations exceeding billions in loss. Bringing clarity to the complex, we’ve testified in a variety of venues in the US and Europe, helping judges and juries understand issues of provenance, technology, and other technical issues, giving even the most technically adept legal practitioners new insights and avenues of inquiry.

To help creditors and those in disputes, we track and trace the movement of assets to the source of funds, and work in close partnership with federal law enforcement, exchanges, financial institutions, and foreign jurisdictions to disrupt, freeze, and seize illicit and stolen funds.

Our Services Include:

  • Asset tracing and recovery  
  • Blockchain forensics
  • Investment fraud investigations
  • Credentials & data breach incidents
  • Exchange hacks
  • NFT and ICO due diligence
  • Ransomware Incident Response
  • E-Discovery & device forensics


Track, trace, and preserve evidence, anytime, anywhere.