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Business Intelligence

Make informed, conflict-free decisions, the first time

Running a business and turning a profit has never been harder, and the pressure and expectations on executives have never been higher. By leveraging our global network, decades of experience, and uncompromised ethical approach, we provide you with the timely and actionable information you need most.

At Colley Intelligence, we provide regulatory, social, legal, financial, and risk intelligence to senior executives, corporate boards, shareholders, and investors via tailored reports and comprehensive backgrounds on people and businesses operating anywhere in the world — often uncovering undisclosed conflicts, hidden allegiances, prior allegations, and material misstatements. 

We specialize in:

  • Regulatory and Policy Intelligence Gathering: From antitrust to data security, today’s corporations must comply with more standards and regulations than ever before. We’ve helped European healthcare companies, renewable energy companies, science and technology innovators, global entrepreneurs and more, prepare for and respond to investigations, letters of inquiry, public statements, and changes in regulatory approach.
  • Third-Party Due Diligence: We’ve analyzed relationships, suppliers, and contractors, and exposed conflicts, uncovered back-door deals and misappropriation. Our team leverages its experience and broad network to help clients around the world make more informed decisions and avoid politically charged chaos and litigation. 
  • Background Investigations: While some competitors simply up-charge for database and open source reports, we go above and beyond to expand the field of inquiry far outside what a database provides. From uncovering unreported or buried data, and identifying misinformation, to unearthing competing identities and undisclosed relationships, the most valuable information can’t be found on a database. As one of few firms with authorized access to credit reports, we also provide an additional layer of detail in each and every background investigation. In short, Colley finds the data you need. 
  • New Market Entry: Before growing a business or expanding to a new market, we help companies around the globe identify major players in the market, assess risks associated with establishing operations in the region, and identify any regulatory challenges they will encounter as they enter the market.

When you work with Colley Intelligence, you'll gain the upper hand before approaching targets, during negotiations, or after you close the deal. 

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