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Our Social Contract

It's not enough to talk about social responsibility, one must live it.

At Colley, we dedicate efforts to being inclusive and sustainable. 

At a firm level, we seek partnerships with like-minded legal, social justice, and cause-based organizations that share our vision of a safer, more just, climate and society. But this work goes beyond our walls and borders. We leverage our talents and resources to make an impact in networks and to causes that serve the public interest and are both socially just and humane. Through our work, we highlight areas of need both in our communities and around the globe. 

For our clients, we seek to eliminate opacity in our work and to create a culture of integrity and trust with recognition that attribution and ethics must be a cornerstone of our work. We recognize the value and importance of collective environmental, social, and economic impact and are grateful for the opportunity to uphold our end of the social contract by serving both clients and community to our fullest.

Examples of our work: 

  • Helped free the wrongfully convicted and misidentified through our work with The Innocence Project
  • Advised international NGOs and caused-based organizations seeking to reduce environmental impact and address the growing global climate crisis
  • Worked with the Law Department of the City of New York to identify and pursue those organizations, merchants, and individuals that enable the systemic, free flow of firearms and increase in gun violence across the country

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