web presence & social media



Indispensable, full-scope profiles of individuals and companies.

What began years ago as a helpful “supplemental” portion of our investigative process has now become an essential element. Using emerging technologies, our social media researchers provide insights regarding eligibility for hire, viability for investment, activity level, and myriad other issues. Even as technologies frequently change and as platforms decline or rise in popularity, we continually demonstrate our ability to develop highly detailed information related to personal character, past and present behavior, relationships and associations, geographic locations, schedule patterns, habits, affiliations, activities, and more.

In addition to business research relating to investigations of a corporation, entity, or individual, clients are increasingly realizing the value and importance of preserving their personal and professional online reputations. In accordance with this need, we also offer reputational web presence review and reporting, locating and eradicating untrue or unseemly information about you or your business.

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